Using Web Application Gallery to Install Web Applications

Using Web Application Gallery to Install Web Application

Control panel is integrated with Microsoft Web Application Gallery enabling you to easily install popular web application to your web site.

To browse the catalogue of web applications click “Microsoft Web App Gallery” in the hosting space left navigation menu:

To get the list of available web applications control panel connects directly to Microsoft web site. All applications in the catalogue were certified by Microsoft. The list of applications is constantly growing, so stay tuned!

Please note that the list you see may be various for different hosting spaces, because the list is filtered depending on resources available in the hosting space. For example, if SQL Server databases are not allowed in your hosting space you will not see those applications requiring SQL Server database such as DotNetNuke or BlogEngine.

To install the application click its icon in the list or “Install” button. You will see the detailed information about the application you are about to install.

When you click “Next” button control panel will connect application vendor web site to download the application installation files. It may take some time:

After download is complete you will see application installation screen:

Select web site to install the application. If you want to install the application into some folder under your web site (virtual directory) then specify its name; otherwise the application will be installed in the root of web site.

Specify database options. You could select from existing databases and databases users or create new ones just for this application.

There might be other application settings below “Database” section. Those settings vary from application to application.

To finish installation wizard click “Install” button.

In case of unsuccessful installation you could check “Audit Log” under your account for more details.