Creating Web Site Secured Folders

Creating Web Site Secured Folders

Control panel offers the ability to protect selected web site folders with a password.

To enable secured folders feature open web site properties, navigate “Secured Folders” tab and then click “Enable Secured Folders” button:

Click “Add User” button and create a new user account. Specify its username and password and click “Save” button:

Click “Add Group” button and create a new security group. Specify its name and select group members. Click “Save” button:

Click “Add Folder” button to create a new secured folder:

“Folder title” is a text that will be displayed on browser logon screen when accessing this folder.

Select path to the folder within a web site that must be protected. Select users and groups that will have an access to this folder.

Control panel creates two files in web site root folder: .htpasswd file with user accounts and their password and .htgroup file with secure groups: