Creating Web Site

Creating Web Site

You have two ways for web site creation:

1.       You could create a new web site during domain creation.

2.       You could create a new web site from “Web Sites” screen.

To create a new web site open “Web Sites” screen through hosting space left navigation menu:

Click “Create Web Site” button to open Web Site creation wizard:

Select domain to base web site on. If dedicated IP addresses were allocated to your hosting plan by your hosting provider then you have an option to create a web site with dedicated IP; otherwise by default name-based web site will be created.

If dedicated IP option is available you will see “IP Address” field. You could select “Dedicated” and pick available IP address from the list. If IP address is already used by some web site it won’t shown in the list.

Click “Create Web Site” button to finish the wizard.

You could see the list of IP addresses allocated to your hosting space as well as their usages on “IP Addresses” page of the space: