Creating Scheduled Tasks

Creating Scheduled Tasks

Open “Hosting Space home” page.

Control panel gives you an ability to use its built-in scheduler to run periodic tasks such as:

1.       Database backup

2.       Checking web site availability

3.       Sending files over FTP

4.       Sending e-mail notifications

5.       Zipping hosting space files

Using combinations of scheduled tasks you could perform various maintenance operations, for example zipping space files, sending created archive over FTP to another location and then sending e-mail notification about finishing results.

To see hosting space scheduled tasks click “Scheduled Tasks” link on hosting space left navigation menu:

To create a new scheduled task click “Add Scheduled Task” button:

Specify task name then select its type from task type dropdown. You will see parameters list for the selected type.

Specify task parameters, then specify schedule and finally select execution options such as priority and maximum execution time. Click “Save” button to add a task:

To immediately start created task (for example to check it could be run without issues) click “Run” icon.

To see your currently running tasks click “Running Tasks” in the left navigation menu of user account home page:

Click a link with a task name to see its detailed execution report:

You could check the results of tasks execution in “Audit Log” under your account.

Please note that scheduled tasks functionality may be disabled in your hosting space by hosting provider.